Mysore to Coorg Taxi Tours: Exciting Journey for Groups, Family

Have you ever traveled from the royal city of Mysore to the nature’s paradise Coorg? If you haven’t, you could book now on for a great travel experience with a Mysore to Coorg Taxi ride

2/13/20242 min read

Mysore to Coorg Taxi ride. It is an amazing journey as you explore Coorg’s scenic beauty and cultural heritage, which also happens to be the ‘Land of Coffee.’ Going on family trips for sightseeing, couples on their honeymoon and even group trips with friends or colleagues is no longer a bother with the various car options we have on offer.

Journey to Coorg

An exciting journey begins with a Mysore to Coorg Taxi ride with family or friends as you drive through the picturesque locales. It is a pleasant 120 km trip as you take in the view of mountaintops and hidden waterfalls in the lush greenery of the countryside. The winding roads take you on a beautiful journey as you pass coffee plantations and areca nut trees to your destination in a couple of hours.

Convenience with taxi trips

When you get to pick a car of your choice at affordable prices for an exciting trip, it’s a match made in heaven. Book online with the standard or customized packages to enjoy the privacy and comfort of an enjoyable family or group trip with Mysore to Coorg Taxi services. With no hidden costs and hassle-free payment modes, you can ride a well-maintained car equipped with other amenities such as AC, mobile chargers, water bottles etc., as part of cab packages.

Places to see

Abbey falls

It is one of the most impressive waterfalls, at a height of 70 feet, nestled amidst spice and coffee plantations, especially during the monsoons. Abbey Falls gets a lot of visitors throughout the year to enjoy the serene beauty of nature. The place also has several spots for picnics and hiking.


The Kaveri River originates from Coorg’s Talakaveri, whose source is visible in the monsoons. A small enclosed water spring flows underground to a small tank used for bathing. Apart from tourists, people visit Talkaveri for religious purposes. Inside the premises of the Talakaveri are two temples dedicated to Lord Shiva and Lord Ganesh.

Raja Seat

It’s a great place to view the scenic beauty of Coorg, as you could check out the sunrise and sunset from a vantage point here. Surrounded by greenery, the place houses a Gandhi Mantap, a play area for children, and a toy train ride through Raja Seat. 

Namdroling monastery

Visiting the beautiful Namdroling monastery on the hilltop, also known as the golden temple of Kushalanagar, is one of the highlights of taking Mysore to Coorg Taxi trip. It houses 16000 refugees and 600 monks inside the temple complex. In the center of the temple, you will find the statues of Lord Buddha, Lord Amitayus and Lord Padmasambhava on either side.

White river rafting at Barapole River

The Barapole River is also known as the Kithu Kakathu River with natural surroundings. It's a great place of fun for adventure enthusiasts to rapid-raft on the 4km river stretch through Brahamagiri Wildlife Sanctuary. Travelers can seek their thrill with this one-of-a-kind experience.


Taking a trip to Coorg, from Mysore, away from the hustle and bustle of the city, is a great outdoor experience. Hiring a reliable Mysore to Coorg Taxi service with professional drivers doubling up as local guides can provide an insightful journey. Checking out the local food and history of the place is one of the best moments of going on a group trip. It is a great place for families, honeymooners and friends to spend quality time together and enjoy nature’s delights.